Our Strategy

Since changes in the Company’s management took effect in 2013 the Company adopted a new strategy to focus on and explore suitable business opportunities in various sectors in which it believes it can create value and thus create successful returns for shareholders. The Company will continue to consider suitable businesses or establish (whether by itself or together with joint venture partners) businesses in which the management of the Company will be actively involved and where the intention would be to hold and build such businesses in the long term. Such opportunities will generally be businesses which:

·        generate revenues from ongoing operations;

·        offer potential for growth; and

·        are managed by professional and experienced management.


The Company will be involved in the management of such businesses through the appointment of its representatives as directors of these businesses, involvement in the appointment of their key executives and maintaining on-going communication with their management.

The Company's acquisition of a controlling stake in Willi-Food Investments in May 2014 falls in line with this strategy and the Board intends to grow the business in the Israeli Market whilst seeking to expand its international presence.

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