Group Milestones

August 2014

Under the Listing Rules and completion of the acquisition of a controlling stake in Willi-Food Investments on 4 May 2014, the Company published a prospectus which led to relisting of its entire issued share capital to the Standard List of the Main Market list of the London Stock Exchange. 


May 2014

The Company purchased a controlling stake in Willi-Food Investments in May 2014. Willi-Food operates in the Import, marketing and distribution of several hundred food products, mainly in Israel.


March 2014

On 2 March 2014, The Company signed a confidential agreement to acquire from Mr Zwi Williger and Mr Joseph Williger a controlling stake in Willi-Food Investments for NIS 268 million (approximately US$ 76.6 million). The acquisition constituted a reverse takeover under the Listing Rules and trading in the Company's Ordinary Shares was accordingly suspended on 3 March 2014. In August 2014 the Company’s shares were re-admitted to trading on the Standard List of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.


January 2014

In January 2014, The BGI Investments (1961) Ltd and its affiliates successfully completed a tender offer to the company’s shareholders, acquiring 5 per cent of the voting rights in the Company from accepting shareholders. Following completion of the tender offer and the subsequent exercise of the Call Options and the entry into the Shareholders’ Agreement between BGI, BGA and Israel 18, the Extended BGI Group currently owes, or controls the voting rights in relation to, Ordinary Shares representing approximately 44.1 per cent of the total issues and outstanding Ordinary Shares (excluding dormant shares).


August 2013

On 14 August 2013, BGI Investments (1961) Ltd acquired 20.01 per cent of the total issued and outstanding Ordinary Shares (excluding dormant shares) and issued the Put Options and purchased the Call Options in respect of a further 19.09 percent. At the same time, the Company’s chairman as well as the majority of its board of directors were replaced and a new management team was appointed.


November 2010

Sale of Company's entire holding (49.2%) in Formula Systems to Asseco Poland S.A. for a cash consideration of US$139,138,400.


August 2007

Private Placement completed for group company Matrix in an amount of approx. $US60 through the issuance of unlisted bonds to institutional investors in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange. The bonds were twice over-subscribed for.


June 2007

Private Placement completed for group company Sapiens International Corporation in an amount of approx. $US20 led by institutional investors and by the Formula Group at a price per share representing 12% premium to market price.


June 2007

Sale of BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (NASDAQ: BPHX) to international institutional investors
Consideration: $64M in cash (approx. $6M net gain for the Group).


May 2007

Scale Down of the Emblaze Mobile distribution and trading business as a result of the unresolved industry wide VAT refunds dispute with UK’s HMRC, which drove the trading and distribution business of Emblaze Mobile into cash burn and growing losses, thus rendering it economically impossible to continue to operate the business.

Older Milestones

Emblaze Ltd. - f.k.a. Emblaze Systems Ltd or GEO Interactive Media Group Ltd.
Emblaze Mobile Ltd. - f.k.a. Alphacell Wireless 2001 Ltd.