Board of Directors


Mr. Zwi Williger serves as a director in Zvi. V & Co. Ltd. and Titanic Ltd. , both private companies. Mr. Williger is one of the founders of Willi Food group and has held positions as a CEO and director in Willi-Food Investments Ltd. and as an active chairman in G. Willi-Food International Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Mr. Williger attended Business Administration studies in Fresno California University, for two years and advance management program in Harvard University, for two months.

Mr. Joseph Williger is also appointed as the Chairman of the company. Mr. Williger is a member of the board of Y.M Dekel Holdings and Investments Ltd and Yossi Willi Management and Investments Ltd, both private companies. Mr. Williger is also a member of the Presidium of the Chamber of Commerce Israel and serves as the chairman of the Committee of import and customs Israel Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Williger attended Business Administration studies in California State University, Los Angeles for two years, and Business Administration studies in Bar-Ilan University, Israel, for one year. Mr. Williger has held positions as a chairman at Willi-Food Investments Ltd, and as Chief Executive Officer, president and director at G. Willi-food International Ltd

Mrs. Sagit Amit Evan. Mrs. Amit Evan serves as an external director at Export Investments Ltd. and Xenia Venture Capital Ltd., public companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Mrs. Amit Evan is admitted to practice law in New York and Israel and has extensive experience in international M&A, securities, corporate and commercial law. Mrs. Amit Evan has practiced for many years in NY and Israeli law firms, most recently with Gornitzky & Co., a leading Israeli firm, representing corporate clients, underwriters, investors, private equity funds and start-up companies. In 2018, Mrs. Amit Evan founded Amit Evan Law which she currently heads. Mrs. Amit Evan holds an MBA degree (with distinction) from New York Institute of Technology, and a Masters (LLM) and Bachelor (LLB) law degrees from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Gil Hochboim is the CEO of S.R. Accord Ltd., a public Israeli company traded in TASE which active in the finance market. 
Mr. Hochboim served more than 15 years as the CEO and CFO in Willi Food Investments Ltd. and G. Willi Food International Ltd. 
Mr. Hochboim is a certified public accountant (Israel) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting from the Academic College of Management, Israel.

Mr. Amir Ariel, Adv. Mr. Ariel served and held senior management positions in public companies for about 23 years.  Mr. Ariel has vast experience and many years of activities both in Israel and abroad serving as Legal Director and Secretary Company, Chief Regional Manager and VP Business Development with public issued companies. Mr. Ariel’s past and present experience includes also extensive experience serving as an independent director and as external director with financial and professional expertise with public issued companies in the finance, real estate, commercial and investment entities.
Mr. Ariel currently serve as VP of Business Development and Assets at the public company Adriel Israel Properties Ltd. (formerly the CEO of the private companies in the group). Mr. Ariel holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and MBA degree.

Mr. Shmuel Yanai, Adv. Mr. Yanai serves as an advisor to Yorkville Advisors LLC since 2007, in addition to other organizations in the Middle East., particularly with investment banker at Axe Y Capital - public M&A. Mr. Shmuel Yanai also had a career with the TheMarker as a journalist and as the investment manager of the Willifood Group. Mr. Yanai started his career with the Ram Caspi law firm in Tel Aviv